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My 'IT Girl' era!

My 'IT Girl' era! -Morning Routine

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

The loud and annoying sound of my 5AM alarm clock fills the room. Technically its 5:30 because I snoozed 3 times before I actually fully woke up and got off of my bed. It is actually day five of me introducing 5AM wake up hours to my morning routine so I am going to give myself grace for that extra half hour of sleep time. I lazily stretch on my bed before I make my way to my desk for my much-needed daily devotional and prayer. This first part of my day has proven crucial for my general well-being; an hour or so of just engaging my spiritual being has been such a great source of strength/energy and alignment throughout my days.

I check my phone before I go the bathroom to wash my face, no goodnight or good morning texts, my phone is as dry as my skin used to be but that’s not new. I wash my face with cold water before I apply some thick and creamy whipped shea butter on my face. I have been opting out of using a cleanser on my face so early in the morning because it left my skin feeling a bit irritated and because it's still cold outside the thick shea butter was perfect for sealing in that extra moisture which is great for healing my dry skin.

After brushing my teeth , I change out of my pjs into my not so matchy workout clothes which is a big part of the reason why I opted for an early morning rising time ,not to hide my gym clothes, lol but  because it was becoming a bit more unpredictable working out in the evening because of traffic, tiredness, going out etc. and I needed to have a more stable routine when it came to fitness not only for staying fit and healthy and of course the feel good endorphins but also because of the detoxification benefits of working out that opened up my pores and helped so much with my dry skin.

I have been loving speaking life over myself by reciting my daily affirmations as I change in front of my full-length mirror (such a good investment BTW).” I am strong. I receive and give love. I am whole. I am beautifully and wonderfully made; I especially needed this last one because my skin was going through a dry episode. Granted it has come a long way since I improved on my skin regimen, gone are the synthetic fragrance filled skin products that would irritate and make the dryness worse on my skin. I said goodbye to harsh soaps and cleansers and gladly embraced mild moisturising soaps, but I guess today was just one of those off days or probably the dry air from the open bonfire we had this past weekend was catching up with my skin but the whipped shea butter was definitely a skin saver and a confidence booster.

I made sure to carry my biggest water bottle before I headed out for the gym because if I haven’t mentioned it enough, I have dry skin so hydration is obviously a priority and honestly good thing I carried the largest one because I used every excuse to drink and fill my bottle during the high intensity workout my fitness instructor was putting me through. I was glad when it was over and just jumped into the shower immediately after. A cold shower by the way, of which the first time I did this it brought back the trauma that was high school, but it was recommended by my instructor as a good practice for muscle repair after working out and consequently it reduced the amount of time, I spent in long hot showers which also made my skin dry so a double win for my inner and outer physical being.

Once I have worked out, I normally feel like my day has officially kicked off to a higher gear so doing my morning skin routine after it just gets me more energised and excited for the day. On most days my morning skin care routine mainly goes like this; first I use a mild fragrance-free moisturising cleanser on my face which is great for dry skin. I then pat my face dry with a dry clean towel before proceeding on to moisturise my face. I am using sweet almond oil to moisturise today because its light and of course scent free which is perfect for the hot weather we have today. I tend to go thicker with my moisturisers when it gets colder so my whipped shea moisture is for those cold days and mornings.

I change in to an outfit I picked out the previous night once I’m done with my skin care then have a healthy breakfast which is a bowl of fruit salad today, I can rarely stomach anything heavier in the morning and after this I ease into my daily errands / duties. It’s going to be a busy day today judging from the 1 million items on my planner but at least the early morning start blessed me with an energising and rejuvenating start to it.

How would you describe your morning routine? I hope it sparks joy/ motivates you to show up as a better version of you throughout your day.