HAPPY NEW YEAR 💚 We’ll be back on 16th Jan

Caring for your skin in 2021

 You know those days in the New Year when things are moving so fast, you don’t know what day it is? Or even the last time you moisturised?

Yup, we’ve been there too…

The new year can be overwhelmingly booked and busy. It is however important to ensure your skin remains nurtured and well taken care of all year round. You might be needing a break, but self-care never rests. 

Here are a few tips to kick start your year and help care for your skin in 2021;


This means to wash/clean your face in order to remove dirt. The most common way to cleanse is using a gentle soap and water. There are also other ways of cleansing such as oil cleansing.

Oil Cleansing 

Sounds crazy right? Oil cleansing is a simple natural way to deeply cleanse your skin. Oil dissolves oil; therefore by using the right kind of oils, you can cleanse your skin and replace the dirty impure oils that had clogged your pores with a cleaner better substitute. 


Mix the following Nurture Organics products to create the perfect oil cleansing concoction: 1 tbs Castor Oil, 1 tbs  Grape seed Oil & 2 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil. Cleanse by massaging this mixture on your face gently for about 5 minutes. Massage in circular motions to increase circulation, Use a warm damp face cloth to wipe off excess oil. 

Oil cleansing should be the first step in your routine; followed by soap and water cleanse to remove excess oil. 


Steaming is a versatile skin treatment that everyone should consider incorporating into their routine. It opens up your pores and cleanses your face by detoxifying your skin and promoting blood circulation. Moreover, this detoxifying process assist in speeding recover 

It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and increases your skin's elasticity. Try steaming your face with 2-3 drops of Nurture Organics Essential Oils twice a week and you will notice undeniable changes.


It is important to know your skin type in order to choose the right moisturiser. A simple way to determine your skin type: After you cleanse, if your face feels dry, tight and needs moisture; then you have dry skin. Opposingly, If your face doesn’t require extra moisture after you cleanse, then your sebaceous glands are active meaning you have oily skin..

Nurture Organics Sweet Almond is deeply hydrating for dry skin, whereas Grape seed Oil is light, non comedogenic(which means does not lead to blackheads by blocking the pores of the skin) & therefore suitable for oily/acne prone skin. 


Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. This has proven to benefit the skin in the long run; by encouraging reproduction of new cells and reducing pigmentation, exfoliation also results in an instant glow. 

Exfoliate GENTLY once or twice a week for best results. Emphasis on the gently! However, try not to overdo this one- you may damage growing cells.




Being out in the sun is all fun and games until it starts to burn. Sun damage may not show on the skin immediately but will definitely have prolonged effects. 

The sun’s harmful UV rays have been linked to a number of dermatological conditions including sunburn, hyper pigmentation and in worse cases skin cancer.

A good first step to reversing sun damage would be to protect your skin from further damage. Invest in a good sunscreen, a hat and some sunglasses to start with.

Nurture Organics Whipped Shea Butter is a perfect organic sunscreen substitute. It not only protects against the sun’s harmful UV rays but is also packed with antioxidants and lemongrass essential oil (which is an exfoliant). These ingredients will prevent you from dry, dull, uneven skin

If you get sunburned, you can create a suitable after sun lotion by mixing 1-2 drops of Nurture Organics Peppermint Essential Oil into 1 tbs of Nurture Organics Castor Oil; then apply where skin is burnt. The Peppermint will create a cool soothing sensation and encourage the skin to keep regenerating. The Castor OIl will keep your skin soothed and well moisturised.

Another great tip is too apply raw Aloe Vera gel on affected areas daily. The Aloe also assist in soothing skin and regenerating skin cells.


Hydrate from the inside out. The holidays may have left you a little dehydrated, especially if you were drinking alcohol or moving around a lot.

Aim to drink plenty of water during the day. It is recommended that one should drink 2 litres of water  a day

Drinking water does wonders for your skin. Not only will the water flush out excess toxins but will also provide the body with much needed hydration.


A good regular diet will significantly impact the health of your skin.

Try to incorporate a lot more water based foods in your everyday diet, as well as focusing on eating skin friendly foods such as quinoa, fatty fish, seeds, avocado and nuts. 

The bottom line is that what you eat can significantly affect your skin's health. Always seek to consume more helpful nutrients, do some research on locally available skin friendly foods.


Relax! Though the holidays may be over, it is important to keep a calm positive state throughout the year. Breakouts have many times been linked to conditions such as stress and depression. Remember to take care of your state of mind. Stress shows on your skin!